At the Women’s March

THE WOMEN’S MARCH in Astoria, Oregon, my home, was a moving experience for me.

I went to photograph it, the individual participants, to try to get to the essence of the event that way, its emotional base. I think I succeeded. I took a huge number of photographs, 441, so I was bound to get lucky, but the results were much more satisfying for me than I could have imagined at the outset. Also, the feedback that I have received from the few images I shared on Facebook has been gratifying. Thanks to all who commented online or sent me notes.

Getting caught up in the emotional aspect of the event narrowed my focus and intensified my concentration. I never stopped moving and taking pictures. Usually, I feel like an observer, an outsider, when I photograph events. Yesterday, I felt a part of the whole and also on a mission that I had to get right.

As challenging as I have found street photography for the last 50 years, I keep doing it, even though I am often discouraged before I go out the door with the camera and then often feel justified in that discouragement when I return. Yesterday was different. The sense of community I felt among all those present amidst the truly horrid political change in our country fueled something akin to a passion in me that I think was reflected in how I worked that day and in the resulting images, a number of which please me.



Waiting for some action

Man walking in front of 3-D mural

Astoria, Oregon

I made this image today. I first photographed this mural yesterday and was pleased. I thought I would like to use it as a background. I went back today and waited for people to pass by.

I made several photographs, all more or less like this—more or less ho-hum.

I want something much more interesting going on, so, I will keep going back until I find what works.


An occasional blog

I started overhauling this website in December 2016. It’s halfway through January of 2017 now, and I am still tinkering with it.

The blog is here only tentatively. To be of interest, to attract readers, a blog must have a clear focus and be updated regularly. I have never been inclined to share much with the amorphous public in this way and I am always pretty busy with other things.

I named this page “Notes” in the menu rather than “Blog” because I think it takes me off the hook of having to work on a blog all the time. I thought I would just add notes here occasionally, probably having to do with images newly posted to the image pages.

So, you don’t have to bother checking back. I am not going to put much here.

I may, however, add an opt-in link for anyone who might want to receive an email notification when I post new images, at which time I would likely add a new comment here.